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Premier 7T Silicone

5.257.95 + VAT

Our Premier 7T Silicone comes in a wide range of colours, all of which are stocked in our shop.

Our Silicone is a single-component elastic sealing compound with neutral curing system.
It gives highly flexible and durable sealing, with very good adhesion to most
materials and substrates found in construction: brick, concrete, aerated concrete,
glass laminates, glass, glazes, metals, and most inductile plastics.
The seal is durable, completely resistant to changing atmospheric conditions and
UV radiation.

Intended use:

  • glazing industrial windows
  • glazing traditional wooden, aluminium, and PVC windows
  • filling expansion joints
  • Sealing joints in various types of products such as shuttering boards, prefabricated building blocks from composite and wood-based materials, sandwich panels for assembly of storage and production
  • sealing of prefabricated elements
  • sealing in metal refrigerators, containers, and tanks
    connecting elements from galvanised steel, brass, and other metals.
  • It contains nano additives which increase the efficiency of cross-linking to increase mechanical
    properties of the product

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